Design Assist

The Design Assist process allows for capital, operating, and maintenance cost consideration which ultimately contributes to a highly effective and viable assessment of a design's variables. We have been preparing budgets, system cost comparisons and cost savings analysis for many of the major owners and consultants and have developed an extensive cost database which is beneficial to determining the correct solution as part of our preconstruction services.  Using our internal expertise we are able to advise the client as to which system will provide them the maximum value.    

As part of the Design/Build team, Sprint Mechanical will help the project team and mechanical engineer to evaluate possible alternatives in order to determine the most suitable and economical materials and methods that will satisfy the mechanical design intent.  This is achieved by providing input on comparative systems (with budgets) during the conceptual design stage so that the team can assess and select the best combination that satisfies need and quality as well as cost.


"Sprint Mechanical has the advantage of working on a wide range of projects with a large number of consultants and designers. We are therefore in an ideal position to provide realistic and expert input in assessing which systems and methods may be best suited to meet the design intent and economics of the project."