Sprint Mechanical utilizes in-house CAD designers and BIM modelers to effectively integrate pre-fabricated and pre-built modules/modular construction components. This is critical to the project and the team; by identifying and addressing areas that may delay construction before they impact progress and the schedule.

By designing around major mechanical deficiencies, these are a few of the key success factors that have helped Sprint Mechanical complete projects on schedule."

Utilizing Pre-Fabrication grants our forces an exponential increase in productivity resulting in saving and more efficient schedules, without unforeseen site delays.  The approach of using off-site fabrication also bolsters productivity by allowing tasks to run concurrently (crews on-site working independent of the crews in the fabrication shop) as well as improved quality by constructing the systems in a controlled environment.  

The decision to use pre-fabrication meant equipment had to be selected early to allow the approval process to proceed and long-lead equipment acquired and shipped to a secure holding facility for just-in-time delivery to the site.  


"We are also able to prepare detailed drawings for areas of interference to allow for coordination of all major trades."